MSR long 2020

Spend a nice day in one of the most beautiful part of Slovakia on 17th Oct. - 18th Oct. 2020

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Places of Interest from the nearest surroundings

- Velky Choc is one of the most visited hills in Slovakia. Among other things it is popular with tourists, because it exceeds surrounding hills. The summit offers a beautiful panoramic view of the whole Orava, West and High Tatras, Liptov, Low Tatras, and Fatra.

- Former pub in Valaská Dubová known especially that there were caught Juraj Janosik. Today it is Inn providing catering.

- Public race - sprint "200 ducats"

In order to make the race more attractive and promote orienteering for the public as well, we have added non-ranked sprint races in the "Janosik" spirit. We are located in the Jánošík region where Juraj Jánošík moved. Right next to the assembly is the place where they allegedly caught Juraj Jánošík and we honored the race in Jánošík's spirit. According to legend, he was allegedly imprisoned in Likavský hrad - the place where there will be a Sunday race. Jánošík was imprisoned at Likava Castle, who left a legacy about the hiding place of his battered treasures. The lord of the castle seized them, and when Likava came under siege of the enemy, he decided to save them. At night, with the help of a servant, he buried the treasure under the castle tower. And he cut off his head so that the servant would not reveal anything. However, even the lord did not do better, he lost his life in another attack of the enemy. Once a treasure hunter dug a chest in the courtyard of Likavy Castle. The chest suddenly opened on its own, and lightning flashed from it and struck the castle tower. The tower collapsed, hiding the place where the treasure was buried. Even after so many years, people believe that they haunt the castle at midnight. They say that a servant walks around the courtyard with his head cut off and guards the place where Jánošík's treasure was buried. So on the Sunday after the race you can go looking for Jánošík's link. Whoever comes cloudy as a robber will also receive a gift from Juraj Jánošík when reading the chip at the sprint.