Photo contest - New!

We prepared a photo competition for the participants of the event. The main prizes are 3 night stay for two with breakfast and 2-day stay in holiday resort Pond Modlatín. The number of awards will depend on the number of competitors and the amount of high quality photos. Our plan is to award 15 photos in five categories: 1st night race-E1-E2, 2nd Day race, E3, 3rd Liptov nature. 4. Orienteering is fun, 5. LOW OOW 2014 or 2013. The basic condition for acceptance of the photos in the contest is to create it during the event LOW 2015. For more information click on the link. More information will be released just before the race.

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We offer an accommodation with our partners: Exclusive accommodation at the race center Jazierce with wellness, or near by in guest house Sidorovo. If you looking for cheap accommodation we offer accommodation in the gym in your own sleeping bags. More information will be in the invitation.

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Prices for the best in all categories are given by our partners and are for runners who complete all three stages. The winners of categories M, N 21 E will receive wellness stay in guest house Sidorovo . Some of the strongest Veteran classes will get 3 nights stay in guest house Sidorovo for two persons with breakfast (* 1) Partners of event gave sightseeing flight for two people.

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Entry free

Take part in the race LOW 2015 and automatically get free entry fee for our next race in 2015. (* 2)

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For the runners who regularly attend our race. We will raffling participants who will receive prizes. we will choose from the participants who attended our last 3 races: LOW 2015 LOW 2014 OOW 2013. The main prize is a 3 night stay for two people with Breakfast in guest house Sidorovo. (* 3).
With the participation of more than 300 contestants draw lots from all competitors.

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Free Email Registration

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LOW 2015 Introduction

We invite all competitors on 3 stage National Ranking race with international participation in beautiful surroundings in region Liptov /Slovakia/, which is located near by the last year race LOW 2014. The new mapped area hiding beautiful karst rock formations and detailed terrain. This is the most beautiful rocky travertine area in our region. It contains a variety of rock formations, caves and tunnels (transitions) in the rocks. We hope that you will participate in large number so that we can prepare an interesting race for you again next year. We wish you to enjoy a new interesting terrain and courses. We believe that you will participate in the photo competition. There are many beautifull places to see in Liptov nearby the competition center you can visit Vlkolínec - village on UNESCO list. Certainly it worth to visit the highest waterfall in the Low Tatras and the third highest in Slovakia - Brankovský waterfall. For visitors is there many tourist attractions. We look forward for you !


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Places of interest Additional activities

Liptov region is one of the most visited regions by tourists in addition to the race you can visit museums, caves, water parks and many others places of interest. In the vicinity of the race centre is situated popular Top Bike park.

You can find more information about additional activities here or here

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AQUA - VITAL Park Additional activities

For all competitors will be a special discount on entry fee to Aqua vital Park Lucky.

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Hurricane Factory - Indoor sky diving during event !

You can enjoy the ultimate experience during the event LOW 2015 and fly with our partner at discounted prices link .

(* 1) Accommodation prizes will be given only if the participation of competitors will be min.250 and min. 3 participants in category. (* 2) Free entry fee for the first 100 entries in the class . Not for "A" ranking a master race. (* 2) Valid only if the participation will be min. 250 people at each stage. With your registration you agree with saving data into the databaze which will be used to inform you about the orienteering competition that we organize. (* 4) For the first 100 registered competitors on and with payment gift at the presentation.